From Breakfast Cereal Cakes to Edible Headwear

 - Mar 26, 2012
It seems that most people either absolutely love or absolutely loathe cinnamon, and if you're part of the former group, then you're going to adore these cinnamon innovations.

Whether you want to get your daily dose of cinnamon by indulging in a yummy cinnamon bun or a delicious iced coffee drink topped with a sprinkle of the good stuff, these cinnamon innovations have something for all of your different cravings.

If you happen to not be a fan of the spice, then you'll still surely enjoy the adorable cinnamon bun-shaped headpieces or stud earrings. That type of adorable accessorizing is hard not to love.

Whatever your take on cinnamon may be, these cinnamon innovations are sure to put a smile on your face (or maybe get you salivating).