- Jun 16, 2015
These healthy chip alternatives come in variations the whole family can enjoy. Though sodium-filled chips are made to satisfy salty cravings, these chips please the appetite as well as the body.

While superfood spinach chips are quite popular among the vegan and vegetarian community, baked beet chips are found to be enjoyed by all audiences. For children with a vendetta against healthy eating, fruit-based alternatives are an easy go-to. Chewy kiwi chips offer a sweet taste and lots of vitamins whereas baked banana chips are a Caribbean delicacy packed with potassium.

These healthy chip alternatives also feature a line of exotically flavored chips. Curried carrot chips offer tastes of Southeast Asia while nacho kale chips resemble the taste of an iconic American snack.

From Chewy Kiwi Chips to Superfood Spinach Chips: