This Cheesy Vegan Kale Chip Recipe Mimics the Flavor of Doritos

 - Oct 17, 2014
References: youtube & theedgyveg
Although a plain kale chip recipe usually tastes pretty good on its own, this one from The Edgy Veg suggests a seasoning that tastes just like Doritos chips.

In order to mimic the cheesy, nacho flavor, the recipe calls for all-natural ingredients like garlic, lemon, a red bell pepper and cashews. These ingredients also help to thicken the sauce and give the pieces of kale something to stick to. On top of this, the recipe also includes nutritional yeast, which is known for its super cheesy flavor and B12 benefits, plus spices like chili powder, cumin, smoky paprika, salt and onion powder. The recipe is more or less like making plain kale chips, except with an awesome sauce that is spread on before the snack goes into the oven or dehydrator.