Using Squash, Veggies Don't Bite Makes a Filling, Crispy Snack

 - May 19, 2015
References: veggiesdontbite
Because it can be so filling, squash is typically not thought of as a snack food—unless you're eating these Baked Kabocha Squash Chips from the recipe by the Veggies Don't Bite blog.

The recipe calls for one squash, plus thyme and sea salt for seasoning. Although oil is usually an essential part of making any vegetable chip, the squash tends to release water when it is cooked, which results in a finished product that's surprisingly crispy instead of mushy. Although the use of a dehydrator might seem like the easiest way to make these squash chips at home, this recipe makes do with an ordinary baking sheet and an oven.

Although chips are commonly grouped into the junk food category, alternative varieties made from kale, spinach, tomato and squash are emerging to show that a balance can be struck between good taste and health.