From Brooding Huntress Shoots to Luxe Lumberjacks

 - Aug 8, 2012
These chic countryside editorials are examples of the appealing nature that a rustic setting provides.

With the fall collections boasting tones in earthy browns and rich crimsons, the palette of forestry and nature contribute a longstanding style inspiration. However, the ability to reinvent this classic composure is seen in the captures from this collection of rural finds. The hunter, lumberjack, and equestrian styles are all used to for the visions of rugged imagery in fashion stories.

For instance, in Futuristic Lumberjack Menswear, Asher Levine reinvents wearable forest wear for Fall/Winter. The futuristic twist to his creation creates an eccentrically edgy look that doubles in warm utility. From Raw Country Captures to Glam Rural Editorials, the style remains a reoccurring thematic inspiration season after season.