The Guns Germs $teal F/W 2011 Line Puts a Twist on the Monocle

Swanky classic accessories meet hip, street-smart urban gear in the Guns Germs $teal Fall/Winter 2011 line. Designed by women for men, these badass pieces are heavily influenced by old monocle chains, but are far from what you'd to find in your grandfather's collection.

Ditching the standard monocle lens and pocket watch for brass knuckles, a lighter case and a pocket knife, the Guns Germs $teal accessories are practical and street-ready, and can easily be attached by the chain to a shirt or jacket for safe keeping. While it's up to you whether you actually use the items, they definitely make for an intimidatingly stylish add to any outfit. If chains aren't your thing, the Fall/Winter 2011 line also includes brass wallets and cigarette holders with badass etchings such as "Dolla Dolla Bills Y'All" and "Young Money Millionaire."

Don't be afraid to get your swag on with these badass Guns Germs $teal accessories. More from the collection can be found here.