- Oct 23, 2011
The timeless game of chess has been through so many makeovers that these 69 chess-inspired innovations barely scratch the surface. The game of wits opens itself up beautifully to so many adaptations. From famous cartoon characters to edible versions, the game of chess continues to show its relevance.

Since chess was often considered a gentleman’s past time, it is not surprising that various luxury versions of the classic set have made such a splash. More of a show piece than a plaything, these opulent board games allude to excessive wealth and a cultured sensibility. If a game can say that, it’s no small wonder pricey chess sets sell like hot cakes.

With so many possibilities, this ever adaptable mindgame will continue to stand the test of time handily. I’m sure Bobby Fisher would be proud, whereever he is.

From Portraits of Historical Female Icons to Monstrous LEGO Games: