The America VS. Taliban Chess Set Lets You Checkmake Bin Laden with Bush

Just in time for the fourth of July comes the America vs. Taliban chess set. Created by Hedwig & Sergeant Major, the America vs. Taliban chess set pits the forces of America against the Taliban in a game that is both offensive and fun.

I could see how some people could be rubbed the wrong way as the American's rook is represented by the WTC towers and the Taliban's queen is a woman in a burqa. The game is entertaining however simply because it is so controversial, with a Taliban suicide bomber as a knight and George Bush Jr. as the king. Hedwig & Sergeant Major make many other types of chess sets, including Canadian forces vs. Taliban and Americans vs. Iraqi insurgents. All of this politically incorrect gaming comes at a price, as each of these chess sets sells for $250. Nobody ever said checkmating Bin Laden would be cheap.