From Cantilevered Concrete Spaces to Light-Up Cement Concepts

 - Nov 7, 2016
These cement innovations range from cantilevered concrete kitchens to glow-in-the dark building materials that are set to change the way cities will be illuminated in the future.

When looking at standouts in the realm of residential and commercial architecture, BeautConcrete's selection of curved kitchen islands garners appeal and makes an otherwise brutalist and stiff material appear more organic. Additionally, examples like Bartlett School of Architecture 'Fossilized' material study explore the future applications and cost-effectivene nature of 3D-printed concrete.

Additional cement innovations to take note of include a 3D concrete printer robot by architecture firm Skanska and Foster + Partners along with 'Mesh, Mould, Metal,' -- a robot-constructed concrete mould system that was developed by members of the Gramazio Kohler Research team.