This Pavilion is Made Up of Many Circles That Form a Maze

 - Jun 6, 2016
References: & archdaily
Designed for the 2016 Venice Biennale, Pezo Von Ellrichshausen's Vara circular pavilion is meant to represent a normal building that instills a sense of curiosity.

The circular pavilion is a deep green color and was made with "steel, cement, and painted plaster." The fact that the structure lacks a roof makes it look more like an art piece than a pavilion, as it lacks the intended purpose that comes along with most pavilions. The structure is made up of 10 overlapping circles and has open doorways that the viewer can walk through -- making it necessary for the viewer to find their way out of the pavilion much as they would a maze.

The circular pavilion is not intended to be functional but works as a unique art piece that was created to have an "unintelligible capacity to become something more than what it seems to be."