From Amy Winehouse Beauty to Catty Makeup

 - May 8, 2012
Cat-eye cosmetics have become the cat's meow as of late. The late Amy Winehouse resurrected the trend once popularized by sexy sixties starlet Brigitte Bardot.

It seems everyone wants add a feline feminine appeal to their makeup look and the media is all over this trend like cats on catnip. Industry trendsetters such as Vogue have featured countless editorials featuring thick, black, liquid eyeliner and eyes with varying wing lengths.

Most interestingly, Dakota Fanning's little sister Elle Fanning was made over with some cat-eye makeup for a recent Terry Richardson shoot. Making over the young, up-and-comer to look like a sultry vixen is sure to cause some controversy, but that's not something Richardson cares to avoid and has made a career on it.

Whether models, movie stars or icons of eras past, cat-eye cosmetics are here to stay, so don't throw out your eyeliner anytime soon.