From Feline Turntable Scratchers to Hairless Cat Couture

 - Nov 21, 2011
If you’re a true cat lover who can’t get enough of that furball crawling all over you while silently begging for a belly rub, then you’ll love these crazy cat creations.

These feline features include fierce feline footwear, cat accessories, feline cosmetics and kitty beds, which will make you miss your childhood cat even more. As you purr at the several cute kittens enjoying their fair share of luxury, you can enjoy feline friendly apps or even the cute kitty catwalks(Aww).

For those of you who own cats, you will love the kitty furnishings and other killer kitten accessories. Who knew that so many cat lovers existed? With such cat phenomena afoot, cats might be the new man’s best friend. These numerous cat creations are going to leave you purring for more.