The '7CatsHeaven Kitty Cloud' is a Perfect Sleeping Spot for Crazy Cats

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: etsy & etsy
I’m so amused by this clever cat swing bed called the 'Kitty Cloud' by Etsy user '7CatsHeaven.' Imagine a bunk bed crossed with a macramé plant hanger, and your cat gets to sleep on it! The fabulous multi-layer cat swing bed hangs from a secure ceiling hook and is a perfect nesting place for high energy cats. Larisa, the designer of these Kitty Clouds, has Bengals, which are known for their strength, agility and athleticism. Cats with such adventurous personalities like to climb to the very top level, where they can relax as they watch you put your pants on. The cat swing can also be hung low, allowing access for less adventurous (and more overweight) cats. The multiple levels make the cat swing a perfect solution for small homes with many cats.

The Kitty Cloud is handmade in a variety of fabrics, so you’re sure to find one your cat will look good laying on, and the cat swing is totally washable. Each layer is constructed like a pillow case with a zipper closure, and the cat swing is shipped unstuffed, reducing your shipping costs and allowing you to stuff the layer according to your cat’s tastes. Some cats like the cat swing left unstuffed, so it hangs more like a hammock. The Kitty Clouds also have a little pocket sewn into one strap, which is a perfect place to insert a toy (the wand types are perfect) or a stash of cat nip. You can tell from the product photos that it’s a great deal of fun to watch a cat use a Kitty Cloud!

Implications - This design is a clever response to cat behavior and needs and also solves the problem of limited space.