The 'Cat Scratch Lounger' by Brawny Cat is for Furry Friends

 - May 31, 2011
References: brawnycat & etsy
There are many things to love about the 'Cat Scratch Lounger' made by Brawny Cat. You could love that it is handmade in Port Ludlow, Washington out of solid wood. You could love that it is made to last for years and it has a replaceable pad. Or, you could love that the pad is partially made out of recycled fiber. But what I love most about the Cat Scratch Lounger and the other products made by this company is that they are made with feline needs in mind. It’s clear that someone at Brawny Cat paid attention to what their cat liked and designed this feline furniture to meet their cat’s needs.

The Big Baby Scratch'n Slumber Cat Comfort Lounge was designed to accommodate large cat varieties, such as the Maine Coon. Its oversized platform offers a great sleeping area for a big kitty or two cuddly companions. The Big Baby Jr. Scratch'n Slumber Cat Comfort Lounge has the same beautiful sculpted sides and also offers the same supportive shaping. But not everybody has a giant cat! The B' Tweener Scratch'n Slumber Cat Comfort Lounge has long and skinny style -- excellent for cats built smaller than the hefty Maine Coon.

The replaceable pad for this cat comfort lounge product is made out of high quality cardboard and offers an appealing place for sleeping and scratching. The clever and economical design allows you to flip it over when one side is shredded to bits. There is even a small space under the pad that you can use to hide cat toys.

One of the great features of the Cat Comfort Lounge beds is that they allow for horizontal scratching. Not all cats choose vertical scratching -- many prefer a horizontal target for this necessary activity. The shape of the cat comfort lounge products also allow for two cats to scratch at the same time, a feature you won’t see in a vertical scratching surface. Like the manufacturer says, "After all, it's not about us, it's about them."