From Candid Partying Campaigns to Candid Camera Commercials

 - Jul 18, 2013
When it comes to advertising a product on print or TV, audiences seem to be more receptive when they believe the message isn't forced, and these candid marketing techniques are some great examples of ads that utilize sincerity and realistic expressions to connect with viewers.

There's something very sincere and heartfelt about utilizing candid techniques in commercials and print ads. By creating a situation where innocent bystanders have to naturally react to certain products placed in front of them or humorously staged experiences, audiences are able to feel more in touch and connected with how these people react.

From candid cellphone campaigns that gave tickets out to innocent motorists to casino ads showcasing women partying on top of couches, these candid marketing techniques are showcasing how genuine and realistic expression is a great way to get a viewer's attention.