From Theatrical Summer Styles to Juicy Jungle Editorials

 - Nov 2, 2011
While in some parts of the world the sun is shinning, for other parts it's starting to get cold and gloomy, which is why these innovative tropical fashions make great fashionable suggestions for hot, steamy climates. This list provides a warm ray of light for those places where the sun has begun to hide.

Equatorial-inspired outfits combine all that is needed to spice up a hot occasion. Bold colors, intense animal prints, floral adornments, statement hats and flirty sandals are just a few. Lightweight fabrics that dance with the wind and compliment the female silhouette are must-haves to enjoy the higher temperatures. Short and long dresses, mini skirts and beaded tops are ideal conquests for wild jungle climates and landscapes. For guys, color-clocked shorts, swimming trunks with original prints and vibrant shirts are perfect for shining brightly in the sun.

For an exotic, colorful and extravagant look these innovative tropical fashions are a sultry motivation to accordingly dress up for warm adventures.