Shocking by Elina Kechicheva Reveals a Ravishing Release

Feverish with a flush of bold color, Shocking by Elina Kechicheva captures a gorgeous blonde amid an emotional release. Model Ragnhild Jevne is styled with flowing locks and vivid ensembles by Ivana Spernicelli to exude the inner passions of the expressive subject.

Featured in the March 2011 issue of Marie Claire Italia, the enchanting editorial looks to take place within a tropical setting. The model dons the hues of violet hibiscus, chlorophyll-rich greens and the bright red of exotic berries, embodying a woman becoming one with nature.

The subject's body language suggests the liberation of letting go. She reclines, she stretches out, and she basks in the light and warmth of the sun, reciprocating its unblemished beauty. Shocking by Elina Kechicheva has an electrified look of frenzied color and uncovered feelings, giving the series of photographs passionate intrigue.