From DIY Feather Accented Hats to Floppy Floral Bonnets

 - Jun 6, 2013
They might seem like something of a style throwback, but floppy hats have a special place in warm weather as the ultimate in laidback luxury. Not only do they protect from the harmful rays, but floppy hats give the wearer a sense of mystery and intrigue those around her.

Here, you'll find everything from editorials to DIYs that center around floppy hats in all their glory, which will no doubt have some ladies rummaging through their closets for their favorite one or going on the prowl for a new one. Floppy hats are a chic accoutrement when lounging around the pool, heading out on a walking tour while on vacation or even while galavanting around the city; it's up to you to predict where the accessory can and will go.