From Carrot Clarinets to Typewriter Pianos, Making Music is

 - Jul 26, 2009   Updated: Aug 15 2011
These budget-friendly musical instruments prove that recession or not, no one can hold back a musician with talent and passion. From DIY carrot clarinets to YouTube orchestras, there's clearly no shortage of innovations that allow music to be made on a limited amount of cash.

My favorite budget-friendly musical instruments are those that are DIY--who would have thought that such beautiful sounds could come from typewriters, carrots, ball bearings, gas masks, pencils, and trashcans?

Implications - Consumers during the recession are looking for items that will provide function while saving money. Products that contain both these qualities appeal to shoppers who want to save as much money as possible without sacrificing anything. Companies could develop more designs like this in order to appeal to a wider audience.