From Furry PUMA Slippers to Manolo Blahnik Denim Branded Items

 - Aug 16, 2016
Celebrity endorsements can be seen across industries, especially in regards to fashion and makeup. Sultry songstress Rihanna is no stranger to that. The Bajan r&b artist has had her name and image splattered across an array of products.

Recently the star designed a furry pair of slippers called 'Pool Slides' in collaboration with PUMA. The product was so popular it sold out in several stores across the globe and was reintroduced with new colorways. That's not the only footwear she helped design; Rihanna took the price point up several notches when she collaborated with Manolo Blahnik on a sexy denim high-heel collection.

Star power is an incredible selling feature for any brand or product looking to boost its sales. It's exactly why so many Rihanna-branded items have flooded the market.