From Fishy Time Tellers to Zombie Food Treats

 - May 17, 2012
The rise of bizarre sushi delicacies coincides with a surge in the culinary world's creativity. Shows like 'Top Chef' and 'Hell's Kitchen' have taken viewers into the complicated realm of cuisine, introducing millions to new recipes and inventive manners of operation. These ventures have, in turn, spurred a fascination with bold dishes, many of which are centered around Asian cuisine.

Fishy time tellers and zombie food treats have reinvented the mixture of white rice, seafood and raw ingredients. Though many stray away from the concoction, others have emphasized its health benefits with reference to the frequent inclusion of carrots, avocado and cucumbers. Sweet-flavored maki rolls have also become mainstream, bringing about colorful dessert food trays disguised as savory grub.