From Booze-Storing Outfits to Naughty Beer Sleeves

 - Oct 17, 2012
This collection of insanely awesome beer holders makes the activity of knocking back a few beers that much more enjoyable and convenient. It can often be tiresome and a hassle to lug a 12-pack of your favorite beers from one destination to the next. From carting your beer from house to house, one can use reusable wooden beer holders or sneaky alcoholic decoys. If you’re at a party, one can use beer-holding belt accessories or booze-storing outfits.

The way one presents their alcoholic beverage has become much more of a sport than actually choosing a beer itself. Most of these products work great as gift ideas, stocking stuffers or gag treats. It's become simple enough to truck booze back and forth in a very stylish way.