- Feb 15, 2010   Updated: Jun 21 2011
These bee and honey finds are perfect to add some sugar and spice to your day. From honeycomb architecture and interior decor to honey liquor and bee venom therapy, the humble worker bee has added ever so much to our modern world.

There are even DIY apiary innovations and pollination suits so you can play beekeeper (or bee, as it were).

Implications - From eco-resotorations with honey to training bees to sniff bombs, the insect is no longer seen as a deadly foe. The benefits of bees as of late outbalance the negative aspects of the insects. Ideas such as bee booze and honey-enhanced water manage to gather a consumer following that understands the health benefit behind them.

Enjoy these bee-autiful bee and honey finds.

From Honeycomb Architecture to Bee Venom Therapy: