- Oct 18, 2013
Comic book heroes have been delighting fans with their crime-fighting ways and slick costumes for decades, and these Batman-inspired apparel pieces are just a few examples of how such a character can influence pop culture and clothing.

When it comes to iconic superheroes, Batman is one of the most infamously known characters across the globe. Whether it's because of his sleek black armour, super cool bat cave or ability to access the most high-tech gadgets and weapons, Batman continues to be a character that both children and adults admire. That's why there is no surprise as to why so many fashion retailers have created clothing designs and collections that pay tribute to this iconic caped crusader.

From Dark Knight dresses to vintage cartoon tees, these Batman-inspired apparel pieces will definitely have any diehard comic fan rushing to add these to their collection.

From Edgy Superhero Sweaters to Dark Knight Catwalks: