In Honor of the Upcoming 2013 Academy Awards

 - Feb 20, 2013
Receiving an Academy Award marks the pinnacle of any actor's career and prepping the perfect award show gowns is of grave importance. When you present, walk the red carpet and go up to receive an award, the spotlight is on them and looking their best is the perfect way to perpetuate their image and persona. Fans scrutinize every detail and when the gowns stroll down the carpet everyone is mesmerized.

The best actresses have committed serious fashion crimes, but each year is a chance for them to regain themselves. Trying on several gowns, getting them customized to their figure and choosing a final look is an elaborate process. The 2013 Oscars are around the corner and being a member of the "best dressed" list is a difficult task. Actresses everywhere must peruse a line-up of award show gowns and make the right choice.