From Shrub-Slurping Sculptures to Sky Gardens

 - Jul 15, 2010   Updated: Mar 28 2011
Gardens aren’t exclusively for the backyard anymore, and this collection of 45 "avant-gardening" finds proves just that.

From shrub-slurping sculptures and edible eco structures to melon-made fruit gardens and potted plant necklaces, personal gardens are turning up in the most unconventional of locations.

Implications - Modern gardeners may not have the room for the extensive backyard plots of their ancestors; instead, they're looking for innovative gardening options suitable for unconventional spaces. Gardening plots that feature avant-garde design, atypical aesthetics and alternative irrigation methods let contemporary gardeners infuse bits of their personality and unique perspective into their plantings. To take advantage of this opportunity, designers should fear convention; idiosyncratic gardens with eco-friendly features.