The groOrganic Garden Project is Sprouting up in Communities

 - May 8, 2010
References: groorganic
The groOrganic garden project consists of a team of professional gardeners that aim to seed healthy and sustainable lifestyles in communities in Southern California. Grocery stores often sell local and organic produce at high prices, limiting access to healthy foods to the well-to-do, but by sustaining your own garden you benefit economically, mentally and physically.

Based in Southern California, the groOrganic garden project has installed organic fruit and vegetable gardens in personal backyards, schools, parks and senior health care facilities. Community gardens are vital to fostering a sense of community and self-worth, while at the same time promoting healthy eating habits.

From pesticide-free tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli and more, through a groOrganic garden, we can learn to grow what we eat, and eat what we grow.