- Apr 28, 2019
These April 2019 games innovations range from video game subscription services to customizable gaming workstations. While examples like Apple Arcade -- a platform that provides gamers with a myriad of titles -- aim to enhance the gaming experience by eliminating ads and the need for in-app purchases, others like the Ingrem Veyron J20 take gaming to new heights with temperature controls, a massage feature and more -- all designed to provide maximum comfort.

An abundance of charitable gaming initiatives round off this list and speak to gamers' and game developers' growing desire to gamify the giving experience. Standouts include the Gamers for Giving's event, which raises money for children's hospitals through interactive e-sports tournaments. GameBlast19 is another notable example and aims to change lives by allowing more people with physical disabilities to play and take part in tournaments.

From Video Game Subscription Services to Custom Gaming Workstations: