- Apr 2, 2017
These April 2017 youth trends range from realistic and health-conscious Easter egg treats to augmented reality toys that fuse education with fun. Standouts in the realm of connected toys include tangible programming puzzles, along with portable music mixers that are ideal for kids who love creating their own versions of their favorite music. Other notables include interactive GPS games that feature mind-testing wayfinding activities.

When it comes to more traditional toy examples, the return of hands-on and analog toys is also prevalent this month. Trading in screen time for rewarding activities like crafting and art, today's Gen Z generation is embracing maker toys. Some best-sellers include knotted fashion design kits along with snack decorating boxes that encourage creativity in the kitchen.

Other April 2017 youth trends to take not of include playroom-inspired cinemas and children's game development workshops like the recent Xbox Academy initiative that gives young game designers a platform to showcase their work.

From Playroom-Inspired Cinemas to Realistic Easter Egg Snacks: