From DIY Jewelry Kits to Custom Sports Drink Pods

 - Apr 8, 2017
The top Aril 2017 customization ideas cover a range of products, services and businesses that pride themselves on offering unique options for each and every consumer.

In the realm of fashion, retailers are now exploring the use of in-store 3D printing technologies, as exemplified by adidas' 'Knit for You' pop-up shop and Ministry of Supply's 3D knitting machines, which produce custom garments in a matter of hours.

A number of notable examples that hint at the future of customization come from the culinary world. While researchers and scientists are developing ways to print with cheese, restaurants and bars are exploring the use of bespoke garnishes created with additive manufacturing.

On a broad scale, innovations of these kinds show the potential for every single product to be tailored to a consumer's exact specifications without exorbitant costs.