As Scientists Speculate if the Apophis Asteroid Will Impact Earth

 - Feb 9, 2011   Updated: Jul 19 2011
There's no current date for when the apocalypse is going to occur, but scientists are speculating that the Apophis Asteroid could make contact with earth in 2036â€"should we be worried?

From features like post-apocalyptic abodes to Armageddon style popping up left, right and center, it's clear that most have been thinking about an approaching doomsday. If the Apophis Asteroid predictions are true, then the earth only has 25 more years.

Implications - My favorite of these apocalyptic finds has got to be the apocalyptic mouse ears, which totally add a sinister, almost demonic side to Mickey Mouse depictions. Who knew that a polka dot skirt and round mouse ears could look so devilish?