The Doomsday Vault

In February of 2008, news sources such as NBC Nightly News and National Geographic announced the opening of ‘The Doomsday Vault’, a massive structure designed by scientists used to store and preserve the world’s seeds in case of a global catastrophe, like a global thermonuclear war or a meteor hitting the earth.

Although news of the Doomsday Vault is months old, it caused me to ponder whether we would see similar structures being built as a preemptive measure to preserve other forms of life should a global catastrophic event occur, be it natural or man-made.

Considering the advancements in technology such as freezing sperm and embryos, I think it’s highly plausible that we may one day see a global measure for cryopreservation facility built in a remote location, like the Doomsday Vault. It would be complete with tons of security and nuclear-proof, to ensure that one day birds, reptiles, and mammals will one day thrive should the worst happen.