- Nov 16, 2008
References: usatoday & scificool
From viral Internet conspiracies to Hollywood mega-productions, the impending doom of the apocalypse is always present in popular culture.

One of the more prominent apocalypse uproars is over the year 2012, when the Mayan long calendar ceases on December 21st, 2012, leaving historians and anthropologists to ponder its relevance. Hints from NASA that on that very date the sun will go through magnetic changes due to its alignment in the galaxy do little to assuage apocalyptic concerns.

Hollywood has already figured how to cash in on the hysteria. Roland Emmerich’s film, aptly titled ‘2012,’ brings the mythology straight to your movie theaters. With the movie set to be released in early 2009, the buzz has just begun.

Check out the first teaser trailer to surface on the Internet. Just don’t start hoarding your goods until you’ve done a little research yourself.