Creatures Battle & Morph in the Art of Nicholas di Genova

 - Apr 4, 2009
References: artnet & le-gallery
Working with ink and animation paints, Nicolas di Genova‘s technique is a mixture of illustration, old-school graphic design and contemporary art. He creates a world full of post-apocalyptic animals that battle and morph as if we are looking into an imperfect future created by scientific experiments. 

Di Genova’s work is appreciated by a very diverse audience that includes people from the world of contemporary art, graphic design, illustration, and urban art. Javier IA of Belio Magazine had this to say about Di Genova’s artwork:

[Di Genova’s art is] situated between an actualization of the species drawings by Albrecht Durer mixed with the monstrosities of Goya’s dark age in the style of Mike Mignola and a Pop-Art version of the biomechanical creations of H.R Giger.

Nicholas Di Genova has exhibited throughout Europe including stints in London, Berlin and Austria. He has been featured in New York’s Armory Show and in exhibitions in Singapore, Australia, Canada, and the United States.