- Jun 20, 2013
If you want to proudly show off your love for the United States, nothing says 'I love the USA' better than American Flag-printed apparel. Whether USA's vibrant blue, red and white flag is mashed-up, distorted or kept true to it's original design, there's no mistaking someone's pride for their country when they wearing American flag-printed clothing.

Apparel featuring an American flag print screams summertime with a Fourth of July undertone. The contrasting vibrancy of the white, red and blue flag colors pop beautifully against one another and, when printed onto clothing, creates a bold fashion statement that you can see from miles away. For an ever brighter pop, pair american flag-printed clothes with other basic colors, like white, black and gray.

From shorts, shoes to jean jackets, American flag-printed clothes are chic and stylish, whether you're actually from America or not.

From Proudly Patriotic Scarves to Explicit Americana Apparel: