- May 28, 2010
These skin-tight styles will not fly with the recent Aceh tight pants ban. The Indonesian province has prohibited all women from wearing tight or revealing clothing.

Authorities have given out some 20,000 long skirts to residents since the Aceh tight pants ban, and have prohibited local stores from selling skin-tight or revealing clothing. From liquid latex leggings to spray-on jeans, these skin-tight styles would surely not be accepted in Indonesia.

Implications - Skin-tight fashion is all the rage with contemporary taste makers of all stripes. If you are of the spandex/skin-jean wearing ilk, you will love this phenomenal collection of 25 skin-tight styles. Flip through the images to get a sense of the variety involved and leave a comment below afterwards.

Close-Fitting Fashions That Won't Fly with the Aceh Tight Pants Ban: