- May 13, 2009
Breaking news about alleged, illegal or immoral behavior captures the attention of many. Troubled pop stars dazed and half-dressed, run-ins with police, tragic demises, stars spiraling out of control, scandal, naughty photos and scandalous headlines have all helped fuel the public fascination with the problems of the rich, famous and powerful.

These social scandals affect advertising, fashion and celebrities; celebrities now use these headlines to their advantage for publicity, blurring the lines and limits of morality and good judgment.

Are we fascinated with drama? Why do we love to witness the evolution of the good girl gone bad? Is it because it makes us realize the beautiful and famous aren’t really all that different than us? Check out the cluster of scandalous female images, and judge for yourself.

The Dazed, Half-Dressed, Scandalous & Out Of Control: