Lindsay Lohan Says She Likes the Way Her Thinner Body Looks

 - May 12, 2009
References: digitalspy
Lindsay Lohan’s skinny pictures are all over the web—but so are those of Lindsay Lohan when she had more curves. The trouble? Both are scrutinized.

A "too skinny" Lindsay Lohan was picked on by the media in 2005 when she was seen club hopping, bones showing, with a then waif-like Nicole Richie.

After she gained weight, other tabloids called Lindsay Lohan fat. Now the 22-year-old actress is being dissed for looking emaciated once more.

But this time, LiLo says she doesn’t care what the media is saying.

"I like the way I look - I’m not starving myself, contrary to popular belief. I’m criticized when I’m too thin or too heavy," she said.

The gallery shows some skinny pictures of Lindsay Lohan, some from a few years back, others of her current frame that’s sent the media into shock, such as those with her in torn white jeans on where she’s surfing in a bathing suit.

Lindsay Lohan's body getting so much media attention further proves the fascination with too-fat or too-thin celebs. The problem is: what is 'healthy' or 'normal' when the standards keep changing?

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