28 Christmas Gifts So Nuts Even Skymall Won't Touch Them

 - Dec 17, 2008   Updated: Jul 12 2011
This cluster features items so odd, even Skymall won't feature them. Just the thought of Skymall brings visions of bourbon-infused cigars, heated brass and crystal bird baths and carbonite watches with crocodile bands. Skymall is the only place more outrageous than Sharper Image when it comes to high-priced gadgets. They will see a tremendous surge in business when airplane wi-fi becomes wide adopted. Must. Have. Elvis. Velvet. Eye. Shades.

Implications - Consumption-obsessed individuals in today's society are often seeking never-before-seen and unusual products to satisfy their consumption cravings. Businesses that are willing to push their own boundaries by creating outlandish products will benefit in tremendous ways as they will appeal to consumers willing to spend their disposable incomes.