From Peacock Pretty Leggings to Avian Lingerie

 - May 21, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
Fashionistas everywhere are flocking to the latest style craze: feathers! Feathery fashions have been flying high as of late and this summer they will continue to soar.

The slideshow below depicts feather-clad hairstyles, eyelashes, hats, tights, lingerie, and much more, proving that everything that's fashionable can be graced with an avian touch. Feathers are a light and airy accessory perfect for the hot summer months on their way.

Implications - Along with the environmental movement, there has been a development in the embrace of animals and animalistic fashions. Designs that include animal prints or feathered details merge the two consumer demands for green products and animal references in a fashionable way.