15 Hands-On Interactive Ad Campaigns

 - Feb 15, 2009
Consumers demand more than a simple magazine ad or TV commercial. Today’s campaigns involve potential buyers actually interacting in some way or another with the campaign. Whether it be a computer enhanced print ad, a hands-on 3-D glossy promo or a billboard that passersby add their own graffiti touch, the ads in the slideshow below all interact with the public in some way.

Wonderbra did an eye-catching ad with a drawstring to pull, enhancing the shape of the... pages. Pedigree gave us a virtual puppy to play with while waiting for the bus, and Mini Cabrio lets you interact though your webcam to view the angles of the new model.

The more time a prospective purchaser is looking at the product or even just the name of the product, the more like they are to buy it, so interactive marketing is sure to continue to be a hot selling trend.