Stella Artois for the Holidays

 - Dec 4, 2008
References: stellaartois & advertolog
Belgian beer manufacturer Stella Artois has created this brilliant campaign as a gift for Christmas. The golden lager was originally brewed for the holidays as a lighter option to the heavy dark ales that were popular at the time. In fact, the name "Stella" comes from the Latin word for star.

The commercial shows a craftsman making a magic paper dove which comes to life, flying though snowflakes, delivering a star and bringing light to a snowy village.

The beautiful video is just part of the Stella Artois campaign though. Visit the website and you can download plans to make your own paper stars and doves, read the beer’s history and send also send lovely invitation to a friend to meet and enjoy the holidays over a Stella.

The commercial was created by ad agency Lowe Roche of Canada.