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Jack Zenger's Workplace-Adapting Keynote Offers Helpful Insight

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: jackzenger & fastcompany
Jack Zenger's workplace-adapting keynote explains how to deal with change and how to be more open and perceptive.

Zenger addresses important questions that ought to be considered during the entire process and solutions to grow as a while. The first question is, why isn't the status quo able to continue? This simple question will set the bar for a reasonable and perhaps fitting change. Secondly, by asking for other ideas, including thoughts about the change and whether they support the notion, it incorporates various opinions and enables the company to grow. An interest in personal opinion also allows employees to feel a sense of commitment to the company, and if they feel the sense of security, they will provide personal insight which will help both parties to grow and change for the better. Finally, research shows that a leaders enthusiasm is contagious. Even if they are uncertain, a positive and affirmative attitude will encourage the whole team to feel good about the change.

These reassuring methods will help both the company and the employees to grow from change.