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Hope is Offered in Chuck Hamilton’s Future of Work Talk

 - Oct 20, 2013
In his future of work talk, Chuck Hamilton discusses how his role at IBM allows him to predict the future. The Global Mentoring, Social Learning and Smart Play Program Leader begins his workforce speech by noting unemployment is down from 212 million to 197 million, but the rate of underemployment is double this number. Among youth aged 17 to 24, there are 74.2 million underemployed.

The digital revolution changed the workforce forever. As 98% of the world’s population has a mobile phone, it is safe to say connectivity has become a basic necessity, especially at work. He cites numerous problems with the environment, wealth distribution, food and water management. Luckily this means, as with any revolution, there is no shortage of opportunity. With access to the Internet, global free trade and easy technologies, there is no shortage of problems to solve.

The future of work talk encourages people to figure out what they know, what they want to change and what needs to be changed.