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The Rafe Furst speech on crowdfunding explains the benefits of people coming together collectively...

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Rafe Furst's Crowdfunding Speech Explains How Angel Investing Works

 - Oct 4, 2013
References: youtu.be
The crowdfunding speech by Rafe Furst explains how this sort of financing is changing the game for investors and entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding allows startups not only to obtain equity, but also turns pipe dreams into functional and operational businesses. Furst, an angel investor, explains the current theories in place on how to win with a diversified portfolio of startup companies. The 'spray and pray' method garners results comparable to Wall Street investments, even for those who are part of Main Street.

Furthermore, Furst believes crowdfunding will change the world. He sees society as being on the precipice of a global shift; rather than being dominated by Wall Street, we will be liberated by everyday investors. The crowdfunding speech explains tips for anyone to get started when it comes to investing in startups.