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Matthew Diffee's Good Ideas Talk Elaborates on the Creative Process

 - Oct 23, 2013
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In his good ideas talk, cartoonist Matthew Diffee discusses how to generate great ideas. Currently employed by the New Yorker, Diffee claims the physical drawing of a cartoon is the last part in the creative process, and likens it to an end zone dance. The humorous speech begins with Diffee offering insight into his own methods, where he finishes a pot of coffee and fills a blank sheet of paper. For his job, he must complete 10 ideas in a week, two of which he identifies as great ideas. To conceptualize creative cartoons, he has five principles: add, subtract, switch, invert and mash-up. This applies to either the picture or the caption.

He is a strong believer in quantity over quality when it comes to developing ideas. If one tries to come up with a great idea from the start, he or she can become paralyzed. The good ideas talk also asserts all great ideas are accidents.