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Joe Jimenez Emphasizes Discussions in His Workplace Development Keynote

 - Mar 30, 2014
References: novartis & fastcompany
Joe Jimenez's workplace development keynote addresses how to create stability and certainty during times of change.

Change in the workplace creates doubts and can sometimes be worrisome, but Jimenez attests that the biggest thing to focus on is communication. With open and honest communication, business can help employees along the way so that they feel secure and confident in the direction of the enterprise. The most important questions that need to be addressed are; what is changing and why, what are the employees role in executing change, how does this impact the team and when will we know when the change is complete?

Jimenez states that we cannot over communicate about change and its reason for occurring. By keeping the lines of communication open, employees feel a sense of responsibility and trust.