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Joe Jimenez's Team-Strengthening Speech Insists Failure is Crucial for Growth

 - Mar 22, 2014
References: fastcompany & youtube
Joe Jimenez's team-strengthening speech delivers advice for your team when they are lacking motivation or fear that they might not succeed.

It is important, as Jimenez points out, to instill faith in your team, because through experience, they will learn something, both individually and collectively. More importantly, you learn the most when you fail; through failing you learn what to do right instead, or how to fix problems. Ingenuity in business is based upon failure. Failure is the basic characteristic of innovation, it's how we learn what to create next. Jimenez reminds his team that 90% of the time that thing which they try will not work, but all it takes it one for something to be a key breakthrough in innovation.

It is important to accept failure as an inevitable fact of progress; once you realize that, it doesn't seem like such a negative entity.