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Dr. Molly Crockett Gives an Illuminating Talk on Morality

 - Feb 23, 2014
References: new.ted & youtube
In her talk on morality, neuroscientist Dr. Molly Crockett asks if it’s possible to change our moral values.

Dr. Crockett first begins by exploring the difference in our perception of moral values versus non-moral values, such as our own personal tastes and opinions. As a society we consider our beliefs on what is right and wrong as a fact, and attach strong emotions to our moral beliefs. However, as it turns out, our morality is controlled by our brain chemistry, and as her research shows, how we respond to certain moral situations can change depending on how we alter our brain chemistry. Our moral values are not as stable as we would like to believe, and can be affected by drugs or even whether or not we eat breakfast.

Dr. Crockette ends her talk on morality by saying that it’s important that we know that our moral values are changeable. Believing that our moral values are not fixed, can make us more willing to cooperate and compromise.