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Alberto Cairo's Afghanistan Speech Discusses How He Found Dignity

 - Feb 2, 2014
References: afghan-web & youtube
Alberto Cairo's Afghanistan speech discusses how he found humanity and dignity in the midst of a war. Cairo is a physiotherapist located in Kabul, Afghanistan, and his job was to provide patients with physical rehabilitation and aid social reintegration.

Cairo arrived in Afghanistan in the year 1990 and was scheduled to work in the hospital that treats war victims. As the fighting intensified, it forced Cairo to shut down his practice and the rehabilitation center as it wasn't a top priority.

However, Cairo made the mistake of inviting a man in a wheelchair, Mahmood, with only one arm and no legs to come to the clinic. After speaking to the board and breaking some rules, he started the rehabilitation for his patients with the prosthetic limbs.

Through helping his patients walk, and even run again, helping them stay off the streets and secure jobs, Cairo realizes the importance of physical rehabilitation, not only to a patient's body but also, the mind and soul.